Norman tower houses the Niederlander Carillon
The Niederlander Carillon is the only authentic carillon in this area of Western New York. It is one of 178 in North America.

It was initially a chime of 15 bells, a gift given by W. and Mrs. Daniel B. Niederlander in 1959. In 1966, in memory of her husband, Mrs. Niederlander donated an additional 22 bells to create a 37 bell Carillon. In 1995, through contributions of many generous donors, 7 bells were added creating the only 44-bell, 3 1/2 octave carillon in North America. In 1977, the carillon console and mechanical equipment were refurbished, adding to the ease of performance and enhancing the potential for proper response. In 1981, a practice instrument identical to the playing console was provided, thereby enabling the carillonneur to learn musical compositions in the privacy of a practice room. The cost for both was underwritten by Mrs. Niederlander.

A major renovation was completed in 1995. Through the donations of many Friends of the Carillon, 20 treble bells were retuned, 6 were replaced and those 26 bells were fitted with cast iron clappers. In 1996, bells were installed to replace the original high "a" and "c" bells that could not be satisfactorily retuned during the 1995 renovation.

The original 37 bells were cast by the van Bergen bell foundry in Hiligerlee, The Netherlands. The 7 new bellswere cast by the Petit & Fritsen foundry of Aarle-Rixtel, The Netherlands, and the 2 replacement bells were cast by Meeks, Watson & Company, Georgetown, Ohio.

Mrs. Niederlander bequeathed a fund for the annual maintenance and upkeep of the instrument a fitting memorial to her living concern. The carillon is played on Sunday mornings throughout the year, during weddings, funerals, and at other significant times. It is the focal point of the Summer Concert Series at Calvary Church.