Architect's drawing of north elevation.

There are a number of architect's drawings on display in the house.

In 1990, the McKim, Mead & White architectural floor plans for the Butler mansion were found in the Springville, NY barn of Harold LeRoy Olmsted (1886-1972 - also a Buffalo architect/landscape architect & artist).

The McKim, Mead & White plans were donated by the Olmsted Family to The Buffalo/Erie County Historical Society.

The Olmsted family has no idea why Harold had these plans, but assume he may have been asked to design some changes for a subsequent owner.

Harold LeRoy Olmsted designed the "Jim & Fanny How" house at 41 St. Catherines Court, in Buffalo. That house was built in 1924 and is now a NYS & National Historic Site. The current residents have a Harold L Olmsted pastel drawing of this house as proposed to the How family in 1924.