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2011 exterior -Curtiss Building
AKA: King & Eisele / Eisele Building / Hoelscher Building

204-210 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY

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Original legal owner: Ethel Mann Curtiss.
It is clear that this was done for legal and insurance reasons.  Her husband, Harlow C. Curtiss, was the functioning owner. The Harlow House at 100 Lincoln Parkway was also in the wife's name.
Paul F. Mann (Buffalo)
Builder: Metz Brothers
Chicago Commercial
Listed on the State & National Registers of Historic Places

Huron (south) elevation.
Except for first story alteration: white, glazed terra cotta facade.

Garlanded urns

Scrolling acanthus  plant ..... Rosette above urn

Photos and their arrangement 2011  Chuck LaChiusa
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