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The J. N. Adam & Co. /
Adam, Meldrum & Anderson department store (AM&A's)
385 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land Reprint

History Illustrations

Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land

By Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson.
USA: Windsor Publications, 1981, p. 252

History Illustrations
396 Main Street - The First AM&A's Building

Caption: Robert Borthwick Adam / Died June 30, 1904
Photo Source: "The Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo," Frank H. Severance, ed. Buffalo Historical Society Publications, Vol. 17

"Robert B. Adam emigrated from Scotland to Boston in 1857 as a merchandising apprentice. A decade later, when he was ready to striuke out on his own, he chose Buffalo and established what would become the Adam, Meldrum & Anderson department store. Adam was so pleased with his choice that he urged his brother, James Noble Adam, to come over from Scotland." -  Source: Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land, by Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson. USA: Windsor Publications, 198, p. 120

396 Main Street  - on west side of Main Street   ...  Opened 1867

396 Main Street  - on west side of Main Street   ...  Opened 1867   ...   The first AM&A's. Now the site the Main Place Mall   ...   Drawing source: Victorian Buffalo, by Cynthia Van Ness, p. 15

396 Main Street   ---   1871 ad in the City of Buffalo Directory

396 Main Street   - on west side of Main Street      ...     1881 layout   ...   Plan of AM&A's Stores in the 1883 City of Buffalo Directory

377 Main Street - AM&A's Buys J. N. Adam Building

J(ohn) N(oble) Adam, Robert's younger brother - owner of the building that AM&A's moved into in 1960   ...   Photo source: Buffalo Mayors - The City Hall Portrait Collection

Adam built a house at 124 Plymouth Avenue in 1904. it was constructed by John H. Knight and originally cost about $4.000 to build. - Source: Pages 68-69 in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood, by Christopher N. Brown

"James N. Adam was born in Peebles, Scotland, in 1842. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister. He began a business career in Scotland where he remained until about 1872, when his brother, Robert, owner of a Buffalo department store, lured him into Western New York.

"He then worked briefly in New Haven, Connecticut, until he returned to Buffalo to found J. N. Adam & Co., an economy dry-goods store at 377 Main Street on the east side of Main Street.

"Adam entered politics when the Progressive Movement was rising. He was elected mayor for 1906-1910." -  Source: Second Looks: A Pictorial History of Buffalo and Erie County,  by Scott Eberle and Joseph A. Grande. Donning Co., 1993, p. 169.

377 Main Street  on east side of Main Street  ...   Will expand and be sold to AM&A's in 1960   ...   Facade is identical on Main & Washington Streets   ...   Green & Wicks   ...   Source: July 26, 1891 Courier Express

Newspaper account below:

Source: July 26, 1891 Courier Express

East side of Main Street   ...   "Bond" and buildings to the right were demolished for the
M&T Building, constructed 1964-66   ...   AM&A's is to the left of Bond

Map of the 10-building complex. Note parking areas
2003 by Martin Wachadlo

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