Octagonal drum, supporting a crown of three-dimensional chevrons (V-shaped elements) of polychrome terra cotta.

Below this is a band of terra cotta with an American Indian motif.

The band is interrupted at the corners by highly stylized stone eagles.

Each face of the octagon has three narrow
pilasters. The center pilaster terminates in a zig-zag arrow, or sunburst, of colored tiles, while the others narrow and continue upward. Perched atop each corner of the octagon, a large sculpted eagle with up-spread wings stands guard.

At the base of the dome, brightly colored triangular tiles are combined to form larger triangular chevrons, pointing up and down, forming an abstract flame-like crown to the tower and the building as a whole. The tiles represent both the crown of the Queen City of the Lakes, and the circular burst of energy in the flag of the city The multiple symbolism is further overlaid by reference to Native American beadwork and feathered headdresses. The individual red triangles are in the form of Native American masks.