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2010-2020 Vision & Goals - Eight Ideas

Idea #4. Become the "Center for the Study of American Architecture" and imagine rebuilding the Larkin Administration Building - (while the original lot is still available and before someone else does)

This project would add to Buffalo's appeal as an international art and architecture destination and a locale for restored Wright edifices; this project would add to the critical mass of Wright structures that are already attracting tourists and critics. The environs around the Larkin Administration site are being productively developed and the lot where the building stood is empty - for now. Wright's plans are also available. It is a manageable five-story brick building (approximately 150,000 sq. ft.) whose interior spaces may be readily adaptable to many creative and productive uses.

See the Newsweek article The Goodbye Swirl:The Guggenheim was Wright's last great building. What happened to the first?
and City should reconstruct Larkin Office Building, October 16, 2009. The Buffalo News

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