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2010-2020 Vision & Goals - Eight Ideas

2. Enhance train transportation and see Buffalo as the international destination and railroad hub for New York City, Chicago and Toronto.


a. Promote high-speed rail to connect NYC and Chicago, not just Albany to Buffalo.
This will automatically include Albany to Buffalo as well as all the major Great Lakes cities and states, including Erie, PA; Cleveland, OH; Toledo, OH; Detroit, MI; and Gary, IN. Political support for this idea should be substantial if all these cities are included with NYC and Chicago.

George Pyle, Improved railroad service boosted October 8, 2009 , The Buffalo News
Paterson unveils plans for rail line October 7, 2009 , The Buffalo News
High Speed Rail Gets a Boost September 18, 2009, The Buffalo News

Buffalo Needs High Speed Rail Line from NYC to Chicago June 3, 2009 Letter to the Editor, The Buffalo News

Develop a Train Strategy to Ensure Rail Project, March 15, 2009 Letter to the Editor, The Buffalo News

b. Encourage on-train customs procedures to eliminate bridge waiting time -- making the train the easiest way to connect Toronto with Buffalo and all US points east and west.

See Senate Calls for Study of Border Procedures July 12, 2009. The Buffalo News

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