Ellsworth M. Statler

Ellsworth M. Statler - Biography

Ellsworth M. Statler in Buffalo, NY

David Kohrman, E. M. Statler: The Father of the American Hotel

Don Walsh, Ellsworth Statler English 1111 Research Paper

1896, 1906, 1923

1896 Statler Restaurant, Ellicott Square Building

Susan Eck, Ellsworth Statler in Buffalo: Part I - Statler's Restaurant, Ellicott Square

1896 Statler Restaurant

William H. Statler Restaurant operator. William Statler was Ellsworth Statler's brother and business partner

1901 Pan-Am Hotel

Susan Eck, Ellsworth Statler in Buffalo: Part 2 - Statler's Pan American Hotel

1901 Pan-American Statler Hotel ad Temporary hotel built one block from the Pan-Am grounds

Photo - Ad

1908 Statler Hotel, Washington & Swan Streets

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1913 Statler House, Soldier's Place

Susan Eck, Ellsworth Statler in Buffalo: Part 4 - Statler's 154 Soldiers Place Estate

E. M. Statler "Art Nouveau and Other Expressions: Rediscovering the Architecture of Esenwein and Johnson." 2005 Exhibit at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum


1919 Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City


1923 Statler Hotel, 107 Delaware Avenue

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Mary Ann Statler Ellsworth's mother

Alice Seidler Statler (Ellsworth's second wife and Chairman of the Board of the Hotels Statler Company after his death)

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