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Houses of Worship: A Guide to the Religious Architecture of Buffalo, New York
By James Napora
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Thesis Abstract

The purpose of this work is to analyze the religious structure and its place in the architectural history and the development of the City of Buffalo. The place of worship has long been viewed as a critical landmark in its respective neighborhood, serving an importance which far outreaches its religious ties. This work examines the religious structure in the context of the distinct districts through which the city has grown and expanded. It examines all structures which shape the image of their neighborhoods and help to give each an identifiable character. The religious structure has had an impact on the historical and the social growth of its contextual neighborhood. It may not always be the most architecturally impressive structure in the area, but that lack of architectural impact is superceded by the role the structure has played in shaping its district.

The name of each structure, along with important information, such as location, date of construction and architect are primary pieces of information. In addition, historical information on the organization of the parish or congregation is given to enable the reader to further understand the propose of the structure. An architectural description which mentions important decorative or sculptural aspects is included to enhance the reader's overall image of the structure.

This work will enable the reader to identify important religious structures on the landscape of the city and to further understand the house of worship's contribution to the city's cultural andsocial fabric. Information is drawn from numerous sources including parish publications and archives, directories, city and county archives and historical maps as well as interviews with knowledgeable members of congregations.

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