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Houses of Worship: A Guide to the Religious Architecture of Buffalo, New York
By James Napora
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Throughout the course of my work on this project, I have met hundreds of individuals, all of whom gave unconditionally their time and energy. They are the true heart of this work. Although there are too many to list personally, I would like to thank the people at each congregation who so willingly gave their time.Often visiting unannounced, they welcomed me and opened the doors of their houses of worship, frequently dug through files and countless boxes collected from the far reaches of storerooms andbasements in search of the pertinent information which forms the heart of this book. They were there to answer my inquiries and often acted as personal guides through the buildings.

I would like to thank the staff of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Library and Archives; Mary Bell, Yvonne Foote and Patricia Virgil, with whom I spent months requestingcountless files and books. When at a dead end, they often were able to dig up pieces of information which once again put me on track.

Special thanks to the staff at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Special Collection Department: Elaine Barone, who provided the many maps which gave me information on the early locations of various structures and developments; Patricia Blackett, the department head, and Patricia Monahan, both of whom provided endless hours of assistance in searching for and obtaining information from the library archives.

Special thanks to my committee: Bob Shibley, who provided the inspiration and guidance for the introduction; Bonnie Albert, whose enthusiasm towards the project proved to be a bright point when I was most discouraged; and Ted Lownie, for his support and immense level of input into the final draft. Also to my mother, Colleen Napora, who acted as my secretary, answering calls and keeping my appointments in order on days when I was out in search of information.

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