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are KADE


1. A series of arches supported by pillars, piers or columns

2. An arched covered passageway or lane, especially one with shops on either side

3. A building that includes many shops

Roman builders used the pattern to construct large wall surfaces: the Colosseum, with 80 arcaded openings on each of its three stories, is one of the finest examples of this architectural form.

Arcade window:  central mullion and 3 round arches. Example: Palazzo Medici-Riccardi  (Not to be confused with windows in an arcade, i.e., arcade windows)

Aisle windows:  Aisle may or may not be an arcade.

Interlacing arcade/intersecting arcade:
An arcade, especially a blind one, composed of arches resting on alternate supports and overlapping in series where they cross

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A shaped piece which is fixed between the leg of a settee or chair, or below the frieze rail of a table, cabinet, or chest; usually it is decorated with carving, or is pierced or shaped

Found in almost all styles of architecture

Examples from Buffalo:

Other examples:

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