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(Cresting, Crested)


A decorative top border, frequently perforated, on a screen, roof, or wall

Commonly found on Second Empire style homes, although removed over the years

Metal roof cresting is found in Queen Anne, Second Empire styles


The carved decoration on the top rail of a chair, sofa, or daybed

A crest in the shape of a triangle on the top of a chair can be described as a pediment

"A cresting is defined as an ornamental top piece, usually of a chair. It was firmly attached to the connecting parts of the chair. In the finer pieces the cresting and the front stretchers were both carved, generally in the same design." - Edgar G. Miller, Jr., American Antique Furniture, 1937, Vol. 1, p. 122

On case furniture, the cornice is the equibvalent of a crest on a chair, sofa, or daybed.

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