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Also called garland or swag


Garland: a wreath or festoon of flowers, leaves, or other material, worn for ornament or as an honor or hung on something as a decoration

Festoon: A string or garland of ribbons, flowers, fruit or foliage draped between two supports

Fruit festoon: Garland of fruit, leaves, and flowers, tied with ribbons and usually draped between two rosettes to form a downward curve. A popular Roman motif, revived in the Renaissance

Bay leaf garland: A type of garland

Swag:  Festoon depicting fabric or linen

Margent: "Margent is a vertical arrangement of flowers, leaves or hanging vines used as a decorative ornament in architecture and furniture design in the 17th and 18th century. This motif was developed as a complement to other decorative ornaments, hanging as "drops" at the ends of a festoon or swag. Also used to accentuate the vertical lines of window frames and centered in ornamental panels." - Wikipedia (online May 2018)

In ancient Greek competitions, a garland of laurel was placed on the winner's head.

Used as decoration on pilasters and panels and suspended in a curve between rosettes, skulls of animals, etc.

In cemeteries, on monuments or markers, the symbol of saintliness and glory; victory in death.

Found in classical Greek and Roman architecture and derivatives, including Beaux Arts Classicism, Classical Revival, Federal, Colonial Revival styles


Carved decorative element, sometimes consists of a fruit or floral motif, similar to a drapery

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