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ghi LOWSH, ghee YOWSH


"An ornament formed by two or moire bands twisted over each other in a continuoius eries, leaving curcular openings which are often filled with round ornaments." -  Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture. Ed. by Cyril M. Harris. Dover Pub. 1977

Double guilloche: 2 linked patterns

A type of running ornament

Found in ancient Assyrian architecture in Nimroud (Nimrud) near the present-day city of Mosul in Iraq.

Sometimes symbolizes eternity.

Found in classical Greek and Roman architecture and derivatives, including Beaux Arts Classicism, Federal, Georgian Revival, Greek Revival, Neoclassicism, Renaissance Revival, Second Empire

Also found in Andean South American architecture.


A decorative motif (pattern) carved in low relief and consisting of two bands intertwined

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