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The Jerome Puma Larkin Company Collection



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Jerry Puma in front of one part of his display at the 2002 Larkin Premium Exposition at Graycliff


Jerry Puma, of Buffalo, NY, began collecting items relating to the Larkin Co. in 1978.

As an outgrowth of his interest in historic preservation and architectural history, and spurred on by completion of Dr. Jack Quinan's course about Frank Lloyd Wright at SUNY at Buffalo, Jerry wrote a paper about the circumstances of the demolition of Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Administration Building which was eventually published in the Frank Lloyd Wright Association Newsletter (Vol. 1 No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1978). The rest, as they say, is history.

Although his special interest is in the Larkin Administration Building, Jerry's collection encompasses any and all things "Larkin". With over 1500 items in his collection, a sampling of the history of the Larkin Co., its products and its premiums, have once again found a home in Buffalo.

Questions about Larkin products, premiums, etc. should be forwarded to Jerry Puma.

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