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Graycliff - 2014 Photos

Photos taken November 2014


Note the see-through feature - seeing lake Erie through the living room glass walls

Creo-Dipt shingles which, according to Patrick Mahoney, AIA,  Martin suggested to Wright after having seen an ad in the one of his favorite journals, Better Homes & Gardens.

Rain garden

The natural iron stains were foreseen by Wright ... The photo below is of the rain garden around the corner of the house:

Note second floor cantilevered porch next to Martin's bedroom ... Below his bedroom is the fern room ... To the left of the fern room is the rain garden/bioswill pictured below:

The fern room is the backdrop for the rain garden/bioswill below the cantilevered porch

Rear of the house

The cantilevered porch and the  rain garden illustrated in the above photo are at the right of this photo

Iron stains were anticipated by Wright

Walkway from the house to the cliff (originally a pool) ... Note stone benches at the edge of the cliff (pictured below:)

Stone bench - some day to be rehabbed by the Conservancy

The tichenor limestone cliff where stone for the house was gotten

The walkway to the beach tower has fallen away - some day to be reconstructed by the Conservancy

Beach tower detail

Photos 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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