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Living Room / Law Office / Kitchen
Millard and Abigail Fillmore House Museum
24 Shearer Avenue, East Aurora, New York

Kitchen: The original kitchen wing, woodshed and outbuildings were not moved with the house in 1930 because of their deteriorated condition. In recreating the kitchen, the fireplace with a working bake oven was copied from old newspaper photos.

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Living Room




C. 1829 Federal style fireplace not original to the house

In 1930 when Mrs. Price moved the house, there was no fireplace in the living room

The Hitchcock style chairs were used by the Fillmores in the house.

Note stencils

Boston rocker

Empire sofa, c. 1820, was used by the Riley family

Detail from previous photo - Monopodium: scroll-shaped leg

Right: Empire style desk raises to a lectern

6 panel door is original

Law Office

Law Office



Stove not original but dates the same as the house

Bake oven at right

The cupboard and 1829 fireplace crane are from the Adams Homestead on Olean Road

Captions taken from 1979 research by Virginia Vidler
Special thanks to Aurora History Museum President Diane Meade for her cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement © 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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