First Baptist Church of Newfane
6047 Main Street, Newfane, NY



Building materials :

Cobblestone and brick

Stained glass windows:



Oldest church in the hamlet of Newfane

Cobblestone (See below)


Listed on the New York State and National Trust of Historic Places in 2004

Companion Page: Interior Photos

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Pyramidal roof





Cobblestone: any stone 2.5 to 10 inches in diameter, used for rough paving, walls, and foundations.

"In the United States cobblestones, left behind by glaciers and rounded by Lake Ontario wave action, were used by early pioneers to build homes and many other buildings. From 1825 until the Civil War (1860) over 700 cobblestone buildings were built within a 65-mile radius of Rochester, New York." - Cobblestone Quest: Road Tours of New York's Historic Buildings

"Today, the fewer than 600 remaining cobblestone buildings are prized as historic locations, most of them private homes. They are clustered south of Lake Ontario, between Buffalo and Syracuse. There is also a cluster of cobblestone buildings in the Town of Paris, Ontario. In addition to homes, cobblestones were used to build barns, stagecoach taverns, smokehouses, stores, churches, schools, factories, and cemetery markers." - Wikipedia

Special thanks to Pastor Rev. Patricia Ludwig and Moderator Jackie Bowes for their cooperation in 2009

Photos and their arrangement © 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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