International Industrial Fair, Main Exhibition Building, 1888 - Hamlin Park
Architects of all buildings at the Fair: Marling & Burdett
Builder: Henry Smith
An arsonist would later burn all the buildings

A forgotten predecessor to the Pan-American Exposition, this fair features industrial exhibits and all kinds of entertainments.

The Exposition Grounds, a parcel bordered at present by Humboldt Parkway, E. Ferry, Dupont, and Lonsdale Streets, and Northland, was originally built by Chauncey Hamlin in 1868 as the Buffalo Driving Park, When "driving" meant carriages, not automobiles. Scajaquada Creek, not yet hidden under East Buffalo, traversed the northeast corner of the grounds.

By 1903, the parcel was subdivided into residential streets and lots,becoming the neighborhood known as Hamlin Park, and the Scajaquada was buried in miles of underground tunnels.
-- Source:
Victorian Buffalo, by Cynthia Van Ness