Olmsted Park and Parkway System- Table of Contents

Survey of Buffalo's Olmsted Parks
For National Register of Historic Places Nomination

By Patricia Marie O'Donnell

Summer 1979

File 1:
Table of Contents
Table of Illustrations
Pp. 1-3        Frederick Law Olmsted and Associates
Pp. 4-6        Olmsted's Design Theory
Pp. 7- 12     The Buffalo System
Pp. 13-50   The Lungs of the City, Description of Parks

File 2:
Pp. 51-76   The Lungs of the City, Description of Parks (South Park, Cazenovia Park, Riverside Park)
Pp. 77- 79   The Integrity of the System
Pp. 80- 81   Important Dates in the History of the Olmsted Parks in Buffalo
Table of Contents for Appendices
Appendix A
Appendix B
File 3:
Appendix B, cont.
Appendix C
Appendix D
Pp. 63-74   Plan for a Public Park on the Flats South of Buffalo
Pp. 75-76 / pp. 26-27   Report on the South Parkway Question

File 4:
Pp. 28-84   Report on the South Parkway Question

File 5:
Pp. 116-117  Riverside Park List to Accomnpany Planting Study
Pp. 118-132  Calvert Vaux
Pp. 133-152  Listing of Parks from Olmsted and Olmsted Associates
Pp. 152-154  Bibliography

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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