Olmsted Park and Parkway System

NOTE: On this page is a list compiled in 2012. It is an INCOMPLETE list. 
An updated list will be reprinted on this page when it is made available.

List of All Buildings in the Parks

Research and compilation by Anthony O. James, R.A.
Park Architect, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

[Buildings no longer extant enclosed in brackets]
*Buildings administered by BOPC

Delaware Park*
    •    [Boat House], designed 1874, built 1874-75, Calvert Vaux, architect, addition built 1883-84, designed by E. L. Holmes, architect, demolished.
    •    [Spire Head Gazebo], designed 1874, built 1874, Calvert Vaux, architect first called “Spire-house” in 1888 Park Commissioners’ report, originally called “a Summer House,” demolished.
    •    [2 Sheltered Seats at Boat Landing], designed 1874, built 1874, Calvert Vaux, architect, demolished.
    •    [Superintendent’s first house], moved from Soldiers Place 1874 to a place at “the southern extremity of the Park east of Delaware street near the nursery.”
    •     [House and barn] on Elmwood Avenue at southern park boundary, construction date unknown (prior to forming of the park?).
    •    [Superintendent’s House], built 1875-1876, at the Farmstead, Parkside Avenue between Jewett and Russell, renovated and enlarged, 1898, H. L. Campbell, architect for the expansion; demolished 1950.
    •    [Stables and sheds adjacent to superintendent’s house], built 1875-1876.
    •    [Barn at the Farmstead], built 1881.
    •    [Rose Garden Shelter House/Police Station], built 1881, Police Station addition: 1908, Esenwein & Johnson, architects for the addition. Demolished after 1951.
    •    [The Park Horse Sheds], built 1885, between Elmwood Avenue and Lincoln Parkway.
    •    [Horse Sheds and Offices], built 1885, between Elmwood Avenue and Lincoln Parkway.
    •    [Sheep Barn] at the Farmstead, built 1886, H. L. Campbell, architect.
    •    *Ivy Bridge, built 1887, Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect.
    •    [Quarry Power House] in the Quarry area, built 1892.
    •    [Barn and Stable] at the Farmstead, built 1893, H. L. Campbell, architect.
    •    [Greenhouses], built 1895, by Lord & Burnham Co., between Elmwood Avenue and Lincoln Parkway.
    •    [Animal House, Deer Paddock], built 1896, H.L. Campbell, architect.
    •    [Bear dens], built 1897, Zoo, H. L. Campbell, architect.
    •    [Assistant Superintendent’s House], built 1897-1898, facing Elmwood Avenue at southern boundary of park, possibly replacing earlier house (#6 above), H. L. Campbell, architect, demolished after 1951.
    •    [Band Stand], built 1898, Loverin & Whelan, architects, on the edge of the lake; demolished before 1951.
    •    *Marcy Casino, built 1900-1901, E. B. Green (Green & Wicks), architect, terrace addition built 1912; altered 1961, Melvin Morris, architect; renovation, 1990, Edward Lindsay, city architect, with design assistance from John Monatgue.
    •    [Delaware & Forest Aves. Shelter House], built 1900-1901, demolished 1935 for Delaware Avenue realignment.
    •    [Lily Pond Shelter House], built 1900-1901.
    •    Russell Street Shelter House, built 1900-1901, later incorporated into the Zoo.
    •    [Greenhouses], built 1910-1911, between Elmwood Avenue and Lincoln Parkway (replacing the 1895 greenhouse, or in addition to?).
    •    [Wildfowl house], built 1908 on the lake close to Spirehead, demolished.
    •    Elephant House, Zoo, built 1911-1912, Esenwein & Johnson, architects.
    •    *Parkside Lodge, built before 1916.
    •    *Rose Garden Pergola, built after 1916.
    •    *Point of the Meadow Shelter House, drawings dated Jan. & Feb. 1926, visible on June 1927 aerial photo, H.L. Beck, city architect.
    •    *Rumsey Woods Shelter House, drawings dated June 1935, Department of Public Works, Division of Buildings, Architectural Bureau, approved by C.E. Hutchinson.
    •    Delaware Avenue Bridge, built 1935 replacing earlier stone bridge, WPA project, restored 2010.
    •    *Green Garage, built 1961?
    •    *Lunch Box Kiosk
    •    *Golf Hut

Riverside Park*
    •    [Shelter house/caretaker house], existing structure when park was designed in 1898, later demolished.
    •    [Riverfront Overlook, original]
    •    Riverfront Overlook, modern.
    •    [Casino], built 1922, demolished.
    •    [Lighthouse, original], built 1908, on site of present ice rink, demolished.
    •    Lighthouse, modern, decorative structure at Tonawanda and
    •    Garage
    •    Ice Rink/Community Center, built 1961.
    •    Pool Building

Front Park
    •    [Lake View House], built 1882, E. L. Holmes, architect, “removed” 1898. In 2005 the rough outline of the building was created in a series of concrete slabs.
    •    *Picnic Shelter (former shelter house),built 1898, H. L. Campbell, architect, renovated into picnic shelter, design drawings dated Dec. 1951, construction drawings dated June 1953, site plan dated Dec. 1953, by Departments of Parks, Roeder J. Kinkel, landscape architect. Appears on February 1898 Park Commission topographic survey, but first payment on construction does not occur until September 7, 1898.
    •    [Band Stand], built 1898, Loverin & Whelan, architects, demolished 1950.
    •    [Troop A Buffalo Mounted Police Corral] (1925 Sanborn Map), former Fort Porter stables (1916 Sanborn Map), nineteenth century, demolished.
    •    [Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering Warehouse] (1925 Sanborn Map), former coal house (1916 Sanborn Map), nineteenth century, demolished.
    •    [Visitors Center/caretaker’s house/Superintendent’s House], ca. 1957, demolished 2004.
Prospect Park
    •    *Shelter House, built 1907-1908, Esenwein & Johnson, architects, rear addition 1960s?; renovated 1990, drawings by Department of Public Works, Division of Buildings, Architecture Office, dated November 1989.
    •    Library

MLK Park*
    •    [Parade House], Built 1875-1876, Calvert Vaux, architect; burned August 1877. Parade House rebuilt 1878-1879, C. K. Porter, architect for the reconstruction, in the “same . . . style as before.”
    •    Barn [and Carriage Shed], built 1875-76, Calvert Vaux, architect shed demolished, barn moved (to Mills Street) after 1889 and prior to 1899 (according to Sanborn Maps).
    •    [Band Stand], built 1898, Loverin & Whelan, architects.
    •    *Shelter House, built 1903, Robert A. Wallace, architect, 2011 renovation by Stieglitz Snyder Architecture..
    •    [Greenhouse], built 1909, added to in 1911-1912, by Lord & Burnham Co.
    •    Casino, construction drawings dated July and August 1926, by H.L. Beck, City Architect; Pergola addition, plans dated April 1930, by the Department of Public Works. The building appears in a June 1927 aerial photograph of the city.
    •    [Greenhouses]
    •    Science Museum, 1926-1929, Esenwein & Johnson, architects, 1990 addition for the Dr. Charles R. Drew School of Science, by Stieglitz Snyder Architecture.
    •    *Greenhouse, drawings for present greenhouse dated October 1938, by Lord & Burnham Co.
    •    *Rear Garage
    •    *Side Garage

Cazenovia Park
    •    *Casino, built 1911-1912, Esenwein & Johnson, architects; locker room additions and swimming pool, built 1935, later demolished.
    •    *Shelter House, built 1902, Green & Wicks, architects.
    •    *Maintenance Garage, said to have originally been a bandstand built ca. 1925, converted to a garage in 1953.
    •    *Caddy House, built 1931.
    •    Library, built 1924-1925.
    •    *Potter Road Maintenance Facility
    •    Shelter House at Cazenovia Street and Abbott Road, 1926 (visible on 1927 aerial photo), altered.
    •    Ice Rink, built in the open air in 1956, covered in the 1970s.
    •    Tosh Collins Community Center, 1969-71, enlarged 2002.
    •    Swimming Pool, 1981.

South Park
    •    Botanical Gardens complex: Conservatory, built 1897-1900, by Lord & Burnham Co., rebuilt 1930; other buildings, designed by park staff, including Director John F. Cowell, designer for propagating houses and barn, 1894-1895.
    •    [Botanical Garden Director’s House], built 1896, G. J. Metzger, architect, demolished.
    •    *Caddy House, built 1927. A plaque on the building reads “South Park Clubhouse, Improved by Works Progress Administration, 1938, Sponsored by the City of Buffalo.”

Bennett Park
    •    [Shelter House], built 1888-1889, H. L. Campbell, architect, replaced, 1920s, replacement later demolished.

Masten Park
    •    [Shelter House], built 1888-1889, H. L. Campbell, architect, demolished and park removed in favor of high school, 1895-1897.

Note: small picnic shelters not included in building totals (2 at Riverside, 8 at MLK, several at Delaware Park)

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