Richard A. Waite in Buffalo

"In Waite's case, his brother squandered the firm's assets while Waite worked in Canada. When Waite returned to Buffalo in 1906, he found it impossible to rebuild the firm and left Buffalo to work for others in New York City." Johanna Hays

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Joseph R. Galvin, Buffalo Architect: Richard A. Waite, 1848-1911

Jennifer Walkowski, Richard A. Waite, Architect

1888 newspaper article about Waite

Philip Becker House

White Brothers Livery & Boarding Stable

Williams House

Walden-Myer Mausoleum

Glenny/Dennis/Stanton Building

Invalids and Tourists Hotel Guide Book Reprint of an 1879 publication in the Puma collection. The hotel is commonly referred to as "Pierce's Palace"

Werner Photography Building

Grosvenor Library

Ontario Legislature, Toronto, Ontario

Photo - Pierce's Palace Hotel

Photo - Frank Hamlin House

Photo - German Insurance Building

Photo - 355 Pennsylvania St.

Photo - 357 Pennsylvania St.

Photo - 361 Pennsylvania St.

Photo - New Music Hall of the German Young Men's Association

Postcard - Genesee Hotel

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Johanna Hays, Louise Blanchard Bethune: Architect Extraordinaire and First American Woman Architect, Practiced in Buffalo, New York , pp. 71-77

Photo courtesy of Christopher Brown
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