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The Sattler Theatre / Broadway / Basil's Broadway

516 Broadway, Buffalo, NY

An excerpt from
Buffalo's Forgotten Theaters: A few notes by Ranjit Sandhu
July 2002

Another eye-catcher on the East Side is the striking terra-cotta frontage at 516 Broadway, near Jefferson. The architect, once again, was Henry L. Spann, probably in collaboration with his much-younger brother William T. Spann. John G. Sattler commissioned it. Yes, the same Sattler who was a local real-estate tycoon and the same Sattler who owned the late department store.

This 928-seat, $35,000 "fireproof" structure was built in 1914, on the site of the old wood-frame Casino Theatre. As far as I know, there was no stage, only a movie screen. In 1919 or 1920 the theatre changed hands, and it was renamed the Broadway. In 1922 the new management installed a Marr & Colton 2-manual organ. Later still the Basil brothers took over and renamed it Basil's Broadway.

In recent years it was used as a church (Joy Temple), but now, to all appearances, it seems abandoned. Take a look as soon as you can. I'm afraid that you might not have too many chances left.

Address: 516 Broadway, near Jefferson
Architect: Henry L. Span

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Ranjit Sandhu
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