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Interior - S. Douglas Cornell House
484 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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Misc. rooms


S. Douglas was a member of the Buffalo Amateurs, and was the stage manager of that organization starting in 1872.

Cornell loved to stage amateur theatricals. For this purpose, he had Edward Kent design a fully equipped theater in the attic of his house. The fourth floor was a theater, complete with stage, foot-curtain, scenery, and seating. There the Buffalo Amateurs, including prominent gentry like Maria Love, Porter Norton, Charles Clifton, Townsend Davis, Lars and Eva Sellstedt, Walter, Thomas, and Doctor Charles Cary and their sister Jennie, Carlton Sprague, Cornell himself, his sons Peter and Douglas and daughter Lydia, put on four plays a year in the 1890s and in the early years of the twentieth century.

Cornell's granddaughter Katharine, the celebrated actress, developed her attachments for the stage from watching these productions as a young girl.
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Balcony in the theater    ...   Four chandelier details below:

Chandelier detail #1

Chandelier detail #2 - Ceiling medallion  features C scrolls

Chandelier detail #3 - Note brass female termini (detailed below:)

Chandelier detail # - Two termini

Theater balcony, with period appropriate furnishings   ...   Restoration finished in late 2017 by attorney-owner Thomas J. Eoannou (who also restored the North Park Theater on Hertel Avenue)

The third floor original theater serves as Eoannou's spacious law office.

Note decorative strapwork on table apron (detail below:)

Strapwork design:  diamond flanked by fleurs-de-lis

Round tower interior filled with family and professional photos

One of two fireplaces at opposite ends of the room  ...   Two details below:

Fireplace detail #1 - Glazed bricks with classical figure depicted in ceramic panel  (detail below:)   ...   Scales of justice sculpture

Fireplace detail #2

The other fireplace   ...   Renaissance Revival table    ...   Four details below:

Detail #1 - Classical figure depicted in ceramic panel

Detail #2

Detail #3 - Renaissance Revival table  features four legs in the shape of girl termini

Detail #4 -  The lower half of the terminus is in the shape of an acanthus leaf

Misc. rooms

Two chimneypiece details below:

Chimneypiece detail #1 - Ornate columns support cornice   ...   Paired ancones (with egg-and-dart and acanthus leaf carvings) support mantel   ...   Glazed bricks


Stained glass transom window  with opalescent glass

Chandelier with top acanthus leaves and flame finial on base

Double vase balusters

Special thanks to Thomas J. Eoannou, Esq. for his cooperation in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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