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Morning Room
Ansley Wilcox Mansion / Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

Originally used as a study by Mr. Wilcox. It was the site of President Roosevelt's first Cabinet meeting. From this room, Theodore Roosevelt issued his
first presidential proclamation following the death of President McKinley.

The present furniture is mainly period-appropriate, with very few pieces original to the house.

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Gothic Revival style

C. 1894 Gothic Revival quatrefoil pattern in plaster ceiling

Gothic Revival quatrefoil pattern is also used in the wainscoting frieze

Note palmette design repeated in table skirt

Detail from previous photo.
Note acorn branch and nuts and vertical
rope molding

Display table with incised patterns

Broad spiral-twist novelty armchair

Ansley Wilcox's slant-front Chippendale desk desk, probably used by Theodore Roosevelt after he was inaugurated

Ansley Wilcox's slant-front Chippendale desk desk

Ansley Wilcox's slant-front Chippendale desk

Brass bat's wing escutcheons

William and Mary caned chair

Detail - William and Mary caned chair

Merklen Brothers-made Moorish fretwork, spiral-twist Victorian novelty armchair.
Special thanks to Paul Tucker who documented this chair.

Spiral-twist Victorian novelty armchair

Spiral-twist Victorian novelty armchair: claw-and-ball feet - brass claw feet holding glass balls

The morning room served as an office and study for Ansley Wilcox. This room was the site for Pres. Roosevelt's first cabinet meeting.

Detail from previous photo

Gothic Revival fireplace - marble jambs and hearth

Cast iron andirons

Bench - modern upholstery based on early 19th century pattern

Ring turned legs

Sleepy Hollow Armchair

Sleepy Hollow Armchair

Detail - chair: top rail (crest) carved with C scrolls

Detail - chair: carved seat rail


Special thanks to Executive Director Molly Quackenbush and Curator Lenora Henson for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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