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Chancel Needlepoint Cushions and Symbols - Westminster Presbyterian Church
724 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY
located on Millionaires' Row

Needlepoint Art

The center medallions of the chancel cushions are shown below. The individual stitchers are listed on the larger illustrations.

The designers were Deanna Carlton and M. J. Swift.

The strip stitchers were Becky Anderson, Dottie Augspurger, Cynthia Doolinle, Barbara Matthews, SueRummenie, Joan Sanford, Pog Swift and Carol Stevens.


In 1903, the sanctuary was renovated by Tiffany Studios who stenciled Christian symbols in gold throughout, including eleven in the chancel. The designer was René Théophile de Quélin.

In 1954, the Tiffany Studios-stenciled Christian symbols were painted over, but in 1992, Christian symbols around chancel arch and chancel were restored.

The Tiffany Studios stencils designer was René Théophile de Quélin

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Creation window

Commandments window

Prophets window - Amos

Predictions window - Isaiah

Psalm 150

Nativity window - The Annunciation

Miracles window - the Wedding Feast at Cana

Nativity window - Stable scene

Crowning Events - Palm Sunday

Holmes Chapel - Christ Enthroned

Six of the symbols and a detail from the chancel arch

Four of the symbols

Circle and Triangle - symbol of Eternity and Trinity

Shell - symbol of Baptism

Symbol of Trinity

Head of an Ox - symbol of St. Luke

Face of an Angel - symbol of St. Matthew

Monogram of Christ

Head of a Lion - symbol of St. Mark

The Eagle - symbol of St. John

Symbol of Perfection of the Trinity

Cross and Monogram of Christ

Symbol of the Trinity

Special thanks to John McClive for his assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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