Christopher Johnson Register Report


First Generation



1. Capt Christopher Johnson. Born on 3 Jan 1755 in Middletown, CT. Christopher died in New York, NY, on 2 Jan 1823; he was 67. Buried in Bethel Baptist Cemetery, NYC.1 Occupation: Shop In Harwinton CT, Sterling Iron Works, NYC 1820. Residence: Middletown CT; Harwinton CT 1760; Salisbury VT 1799. He fought in the Revolution.


On 15 May 1777 when Christopher was 22, he first married Mary Austin, daughter of Robert Austin (1710-1762) & Phoebe Benham [Cravath] (1718-1798), in Torringford, CT. Born on 2 Nov 1756 in Wallingford, CT. Mary died in Salisbury, Addison, VT, on 18 Jun 1801; she was 44.


(Christopher remarried to Phebe Waterous less than a month after Mary died, Phebe W. Johnson born nine months later.)


Christopher & Mary had the following children:

          2            i.          Mary (Polly) (1778-1855)

          3           ii.          Patrick (1779-)

          4          iii.          Joel (1781-1861)

          5          iv.          Nancy (1784-)

          6           v.          Harry (1786-1852)

          7          vi.          Samuel (1786-1865)

          8         vii.          Austin (1790-1852)

          9        viii.          Emma (1791-1829)

        10          ix.          Betsey (1794-)

        11           x.          Julius (1796-1797)

        12          xi.          Julius C. (1798-1863)


On 13 Jul 1801 when Christopher was 46, he second married Phoebe (Waterous), daughter of ___ in Salisbury, VT. Born in Jun 1763. Phoebe died in Salisbury, VT, on 14 Apr 1850; she was 86.5


They had the following children:

        13            i.          Phebe W. (1802-)

        14           ii.          Rachael (1804-1805)

        15          iii.          Franklin (1806-)

Second Generation



2. Mary (Polly) Johnson. Born on 11 Mar 1778 in Harwinton, CT. Mary (Polly) died in New Haven, VT, on 9 Nov 1855; she was 77. In 1811 when Mary (Polly) was 32, she first married Preserved Wheeler, son of Peter Wheeler & Annis Martin, in New Haven, VT? Born on 9 Jun 1769 in Lanesborough, MA.7 Preserved died in New Haven, VT, on 15 Mar 1856; he was 86. 8 children by 1st marriage, 5 by second8


They had the following children:

        16            i.          Royal (1813-1888)

        17           ii.          Caroline (1815-1901)

        18          iii.          Henry (1821-)

        19          iv.          Hiram (1823-)

        20           v.          Roxanna (1824-)

        21          vi.          Betsey (1825-)


Mary (Polly) second married McNeil.

They had the following children:

        22            i.          David (1801-1826)

        23           ii.          Alevia (1808-1842)


Mary (Polly) third married David Marvin.



9. Emma Johnson. Born on 11 Dec 1791 in Harwinton, CT. Emma died in New Haven, Addison, VT, on 20 Feb 1829; she was 37. Buried in Greenwood Cem, N.H. VT,  Lot 50. On 12 Mar 1814 when Emma was 22, she first married Eleazer Watrous in Salisbury, Addison, VT. Born in 1782 in Saybrook, CT. Eleazer died in St. Louis, MO, in 1816; he was 34. Occupation: Teacher. (Sometimes Waterous, Waterhouse.) A former principal of an academy in Burlington, died shortly after abandoning his family and moving to St. Louis. 11


They had one child:

        26            i.          Charles Horatio (1814-1892) ["Charles Horatio Waterous, worked on steam engines in Buffalo & Painesville, for Shepard Iron Works. He later moved to Brantford, ON and founded Watrous or Waterous Engine Works, which is still going (under a slightly changed name). You sometimes see "Waterous" cast into manhole covers & hydrants" - Peter Clement]


On 7 Nov 1821 when Emma was 29, she second married Dea Ansel Tripp, son of Capt Augustus Tripp (1763-1844) & Polly Walker (1768-1820). Born on 4 Mar 1792 in New Haven, Addison, VT. Ansel died in New Haven, Addison, VT, on 2 Feb 1869; he was 76. Occupation: Farmer.


They had one child:

        25            i.          Augustus Franklin (1822-1908)



Third Generation



17. Caroline Wheeler. Born in 1815 in New Haven, VT. Caroline died in Buffalo, Erie, NY, on 11 Mar 1901; she was 86.12 Carolyn Jewett Tripp Clement (1860-1943) was named for Caroline Wheeler Jewett


On 20 Jun 1838 when Caroline was 23, she married Elam Richardson Jewett, son of Othniel Jewett (1779-1856) & Susannah Nash (1783-1828). Born on 7 Dec 1810 in New Haven, VT. Elam Richardson died in Buffalo, Erie, NY, on 10 Jan 1887; he was 76. Occupation: Newspaper Owner/Editor: Buffalo Daily Journal.


Lived on a farm at 2364 Main Street: Willow Lawn, also the Chapin Farm, became 450 acres. The property became the heart of the Parkside neighborhood. Jewett Parkway was named for him. [From Chuck LaChiusa‚s website.] The story of Willow Lawn goes back to 1807, when Daniel Chapin came to Buffalo from East Bloomfield and settled on a farm which is now included in Parkside and Delaware Park. Chapin lived in a log house, which was built, about 1820, by his son, Col. William W. Chapin.


Elam Jewett, who founded the first envelope manufacturing company west of New York City, published the Journal in 1838, merging it in 1839 with the Commercial Advertiser, retired and bought 400 acres of Chapin's farm land. He called his estate Willow Lawn.  Jewett was a close friend of President Fillmore. The two had traveled together in Europe in 1856.


His land was between the Granger farm (at Oakwood), the Russell farm (at Russell Avenue), Main Street, and Elmwood Avenue, and included the present meadow in Delaware Park. Also described as: Chapin's farm: most of the land from Granger's farm north to near the present South Campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo and south from Main Street to Elmwood Avenue. He was to become a key figure in the development of Parkside. Jewett is also noted as the person responsible for the realization of the Church of the Good Shepherd, located on the street that bears his name.


During Mr. Jewett's occupancy, the ample grounds were beautifully kept. A great willow, which gave name to the place, and stood not far from the front entrance, went down in a gale of 1901. A street now called Willow Lawn cuts through lands that were Mr. Jewett's garden.


25. Augustus Franklin Tripp. Born on 30 Sep 1822 in New Haven, Addison, VT. Augustus Franklin died in Buffalo, Erie, NY, on 24 Jan 1908; he was 85. Buried in Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY. Occupation: Partner: Sidney Shepard & Co - metal ware; President Buffalo Music Association. Education: New Haven VT school. Religion: Presbyterian - Elder 1st Pres Church, Buffalo, NY. Residence: New Haven VT, Painesville OH, Buffalo NY.


Residence: „Tripp, Augustus firm Sidney Shepard & Co., h. 122 Pearl; Tripp, George A., w. Sidney Shepard & Co. b. 122 Pearl.š14

In 1882 he bought the Prosser Seward house at 786 Delaware Avenue. His daughter Carolyn Jewett Tripp was married there in 1884. When AFT died in 1908, CTC & SMC inherited the house. They tore it down in 1911 to build their new house, now known as the Red Cross Building.


On 17 Aug 1847 when Augustus Franklin was 24, he first married Mary Mehitabel Steele, daughter of Horace Steele (1791-1864) & Hannah Clark (1793-1832), in Painesville, Ohio. Born on 11 Jan 1826 in Montpelier, VT. Mary Mehitabel died in Buffalo, Erie, NY, on 15 Jun 1866, from burns suffered in a naptha stove explosion. She was 40.


They had the following children:

        27            i.          Carolyn Jewett (1861-1943)

        28           ii.          George Augustus

        29          iii.          Emma Hannah


On 22 Jan 1868 when Augustus Franklin was 45, he second married Caroline M. Brown.


Fourth Generation



27. Carolyn Jewett Tripp. Born on 19 Jul 1861 in Buffalo, Erie, NY. Carolyn Jewett died in Buffalo, Erie, NY, on 29 Dec 1943; she was 82. Buried in Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY,  Sec 4. Religion: Presbyterian.


Named for Augustus Tripp‚s cousin Caroline Wheeler Jewett, daughter of Preserved Wheeler, wife of Elam Jewett. The Wheelers & Jewetts lived in New Haven, VT, with the Tripps. Elam Jewett was the owner of the Buffalo Commercial, owned a farm that became the core of the Parkside neighborhood, between Delaware Park Zoo & Main St. Jewett Parkway is named for him.


On 27 Mar 1884 when Carolyn Jewett was 22, she married Stephen Merrell Clement, son of Stephen Mallory Clement (1825-1892) & Sarah Elizabeth Leonard (1824-1891), in Buffalo, Erie County, NY. Born on 4 Nov 1859 in Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY. Stephen Merrell died in Atlantic City, NJ, on 26 Mar 1913; he was 53. Occupation: President Marine Bank 1895-1913; Founder Buffalo Clearing House 1888; Organizer of Power City Bank, Niagara Falls; Pres Merchant‚s National Bank, Dunkirk 1892-1907;. Education: Lafayette High, Yale 1882.


The two SMC‚s: SMC1: Stephen Mallory Clement (1825-1892); SMC2: Stephen Merrell Clement (1859-1913), was known as Mell, and as „S. M. Clement, Jr.,š to distinguish him from his father at the Marine Bank.


Residence: 1871 568 Delaware @ 12 yrs; 1873 726 Delaware @ 14; 1874 737 Delaware @ 15; 1884 170 Linwood @ 25 married; 1887 737 Delaware @ 28 (while building 173 Summer?); 1888 173 Summer @ 29; 1892 737 Delaware @ 33 following father‚s death; 1913 died before 786 Delaware finished.


They had the following children:

        37            i.          Norman Parsons (1885-1951)

        38           ii.          Edith Cochran (1886-1891)

        39          iii.          Stephen Merrell Jr (1887-1943)

        40          iv.          Harold Tripp (1890-1971)

        41           v.          Marion (1892-1918)

        42          vi.          Stuart Holmes (1895-1974)





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