Richmond-Lockwood House - Table of Contents

Exterior - The Richmond-Lockwood House
844 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y.
844 Delaware originally encompassed the land all the way through to Richmond Avenue
(in Delaware Preservation District)


1918 alterations


1918 alterations by Esenwein & Johnson


English Tudor Revival manor house

Present Owner:

Child and Family Services  (online Feb. 2021)


In Delaware Preservation District

2003 color photos

The 1887 fire-ravaged Richmond House    ...
Source: The Pictorial year-book and calendar for 1888. with Buffalo events in 1887, valuable statistics, etc. Reprinted by Cornell U. (online Feb. 2021)

Lockwood House

Two and a half story Tudor Revival  manor house    ...    Asymmetrical    ...    Prominent, steeply pitched cross gable roof    ...    Enclosed sun porch in left front

Decorative (i.e., not structural) half-timbering and brick façade

Front entrance steps    ...   
Tudor Revival arch, stone enframement with quoins    ...    Front porch does not include front door    ...    Eight-over-eight lights with Tudor arched transoms. One would expect the front door place of front door - which is located to the left    ...    Hood molding over segmented transom.    ...    12-light  casement windows to right of porch

Front entrance steps, with door on far left.

Enclosed sun porch in left front includes main entry    ...   
Transom windows    ...    Tudor or flattened pointed arches in door surrounds or entry porches    ...    Hood molding over segmented transom

Compound arches    ...    Small tabs of cut stone project into surrounding brickwork, giving a quoin-like effect

Tudor or flattened pointed arches in door surround.    ...    Two triangular spandrels

Triangular spandrel

Straight headed eight over eight lights.    ...    Flat stone lintel    ...    Gibbs surround

Decorative (i.e., not structural) half-timbering    ...    Stucco inset into exposed wood framing    ...    Rows (bands, strings) of four casement windows located on main gable

Carved corbels on rectangular bay window    ...   Rounded dentils

Carved bargeboard (vergeboard, gableboard)    ...    Half-timbering

Carved bargeboard (vergeboard, gableboard)    ...    Half-timbering

Steeply pitched gabled  dormer    ...    Carved vergeboard    ..   
Half-timbering   ...    Double casement windows

Massive chimney    ...    Multiple shafts in chimney, representing the number of flues contained within

Rear (west) of house

Rear (west) of house    ...    Half-timbering    ...    Dormer with band of windows     ...    Transom windows over first floor entry and windows

Rear (west) of house   

Rear (west) of house    ...     Battered posts

Rear (west) of house

Special thanks to the Child and Family Services staff for their cooperation, and especially Dean Broeker. Kevin Burke, and Tricia Smith.

Color photos and their arrangement © 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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