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Harlow C. Curtiss House / International Institute
864 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY




Esenwein & Johnson


Georgian Revival

Original Owner:

Harlow C. Curtiss
Born in 1858 in Utica, N.Y. When he was 3 years old his parents settled in Buffalo.

He attended Public School No. 16 and went to Central High School. Then he studied law at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. He spoke German and made an extended student tour through Germany, visiting the large cities of the empire.

In 1882 he entered the law firm of (Grover) Cleveland and Bissell. In the following years he established his own practice and was a practicing lawyer in Buffalo for nearly 40 years.

In 1888, Curtiss hired Esenwein & Johnson to design 864 Delaware Avenue

Curtiss was a member of the the Ellicott Club and the University Club, of which he was an incorporator

Subsequent Owners:

1905-1909: W. E. Silverhorne

1910-1916: Walter H. Schoellkopf (grandson of Jacob Schoellkopf). Walter Schoellkopf was the First Secretary of the American Embassy in Madrid before his resignation in 1939. (Cornell's Schoellkopf Field was completed in 1915 with funds given by Jacob F. Schoellkopf, Jr., '05, Paul A. Schoellkopf '06, Walter H. Schoellkopf '08 and William G. Schoellkopf '19. )

1917-1919: Daniel B. Good (Memorial photos), who established the Seibert-Good Company in Chicago, later consolidated with the Seymour H. Knox stores of Buffalo, and finally amalgamated with the F.W. Woolworth Company.

? - Frank Henry, chairman of the board of the Washburn-Crosby Company, manufacturers of Gold Medal flour.

1941-1942: The house was vacant until the Temple of Unity and Truth occupied the site in 1941-1942.

1947-1973: The Buffalo Association for the Blind

1973-present: International Institute (Official home page)
The local chapter of the Institute dates to 1918 when it was set up to prevent the exploitation of women brought from Europe to work here as domestics it later expanded its mission to help the many ethnic groups resettling here.


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