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Great Room - Charles W. Goodyear House
888 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York

2008 Photos

Sculpture: "Life" by Karl Bitter                      Five details below:

"Over the mantle of the marble fireplace in the main hall is a six-foot marble relief called  Life by K. Bitter, which won first prize at the St. Louis exposition. Weighing two tons, it is placed on a foundation extending to the cellar. It was bought at the recent sale of Goodyear pieces, but the purchaser never took it away because experts found they would have had to tear down the house to get it out" - Nat Gorham

       LeftBellflowers carved on pilasters                            Carved flutes with nestled bellflowers                   Marble plinth and fireplace


Details below:

Coving:American walnut crown molding:

American walnut Tuscan pilasters:

Coving: American walnut crown molding:

Coving:American walnut crown molding:

American walnut Tuscan pilasters:

Center laurel leaf wreath surrounded by scrolled acanthus leaves

American walnut Tuscan pilasters                 Carved flutes with nestled bellflowers         Marble plinth

Carved flutes with nestled bellflowers

Coving: American walnut crown molding:                Top: Laurel leaves                     Carved flutes with nestled rods

Special thanks to Oracle Charter School Founder Julie Jackson-Forsberg and Administrative Assistant Laura Chestnut for their cooperation in  2008
Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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