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Miscellany: Five Fireplaces
Charles W. Goodyear House
/ Oracle School
888 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York

There are 17 Fireplaces in this building

2008 Photos

Marble surround and hearth                  Two details below:

Applied, carved frieze

Rosette             Waterleaves in capital                  Paneled column shaft


Detail below:

Oak mantelpiece with Roman brick fireplace  surround and hearth


Oak mantelpiece with Roman brick fireplace  surround and hearth                        Two details below:

Painting in overmantel                 Oak: Ancones supporting mantel and arch with keystone

  Ancones supporting mantel                     Glazed brick fireplace  surround and hearth

Paneled columns              Fireplace marble surround and hearth           Two details below:

Oak entablature                               Marble surround

Fireplace marble surround and hearth

Special thanks to Oracle Charter School Founder Julie Jackson-Forsberg and Administrative Assistant Laura Chestnut for their cooperation in 2008 
Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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