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2016 Photos

Orin Foster House
891 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Original owner:
Orin Foster.
Co-founder of the Foster-Milburn Company, a manufacturer of patent medicines.  (1840-1928) Foster and members of his family gave a $500,000 gift to the University of Buffalo for a "Hall of Chemistry," constructed in 1921. He was a member of the University Council.  Foster Hall was the first building built by the university on the Main Street Campus.
Frank H. Chappelle
Mediterranean Revival:  Barely pointed arches.
Arts & Crafts: Rafter tails supporting  widely overhanging eaves
Exterior building material:
1977 owner:
De Rose Food Brokers, Inc.
2006 owner:
Canisius High School.
DeRose gifted the Foster House to Canisius
2011 owner:
Foster Manor LLC.
Foster Manor LLC paid $850,000 for the property that includes the main 8,200-square-foot mansion and two large carriage houses. Collectively the buildings total 19,794-square-feet plus a 120 parking spaces inside a gated lot.
Contributing member of the Linwood Local Preservation District
Orrin Elliott  Foster was born 17 May 1840 in At or near Colden, Erie, New York, and died 1928 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.
Married: Emily L. Abt. 1876. She was born 1855 in Canada, and died Aft. 1930. 
Emigration: Abt. 1875, From Toronto to New York.
Fact 1 (2): 08 Jan 1924, On passport ap, states his father is Loran Foster, born VT.
Naturalization: 08 Oct 1894, Became a citizen of USA.
Religion: E. Methodist
Residence 1: 1861, Newcastle, Durham County, Upper Canada
Residence 2: Abt. Nov 1840, Moved from New York to Upper Canada with parents.
Residence 3: 1880, Buffalo, Erie County, NY

More About Orrin Foster and Emily L.:
Marriage: Abt. 1876

Children of Orrin Foster and Emily L. are:
3 i. Fred L.4 Foster, born Abt. 1878 in Possibly, Buffalo, Erie County, NY; died Aft. 1880.

More About Fred L. Foster:
Residence: 1880, Buffalo, Erie, New York
4 ii. Edna Foster, born Abt. 1885 in Possibly Buffalo, Erie County, NY; died Aft. 1908.

More About Edna Foster:
Fact 1 (2) 1: 1907, on passport ap, single

Fact 2 (2) 2: 1908, Unmarried

5 iii. Helen Foster, born 17 Mar 1886 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York; died Aft. 1930.

More About Helen Foster:
Fact 1 (2): 1930, Unmarried

Cf, SUNY Buffalo:  Orin Elliott  Foster, 1840-1928

2016 Photos

Mediterranean Revival  ......  Note carriage house in rear (detailed in next photo below:)

Carriage house in rear

Marble chimney and dormers

Broken rangework masonry


Arts & Crafts style ribbon windows

Arts & Crafts style rafter tails supporting  widely overhanging eaves

Arts & Crafts style rafter tails supporting  widely overhanging eaves






Note rear carriage house at left

Rear carriage house

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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