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Katharine Cornell

By Patrick Kavanagh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

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Section 1, Lot 4; Tifft Plot - Cenotaph (Actress)
Buried in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Ms. Cornell was born in Berlin, Germany to Dr. Peter Cortelyou Cornell & Alice Plimpton Cornell.

She was brought up in Buffalo and began her stage career in 1917. She traveled with The Man who Came Back in 1920 and in the same year appeared in the London production of Little Women.

Under the able direction of her husband, Guthrie McClintic, she starred in many notable successes, such as Bill of Divorcement, the Green Hat, Candida, St Joan, the Barretts of Wimpole Street, Three Sisters and Antigone.

She was one of American's most glamorous and celebrated stage, motion picture, television and radio actresses, as well as a celebrated stage producer.


Katharine's great-grandmother, Sarah Cornell, Samuel Cornell's wife, was the daughter of David Bates Douglass and Ann Ellicott.

Ann was the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Ellicott. It was Andrew Ellicott who finished laying out the "Capital of Capitals", Washington, D.C., in 1792. Ellicott presented his plan to Congress on January 1, 1793.

David Bates Douglass was with Major General Jacob Brown's Left Division during the Niagara Campaign in 1814. He was in charge of the "Douglass Battery" during the British assault on Fort Erie, August 15, 1814. He also laid out the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York from 1837-1840, where he is now buried. Mr. Douglass was originally buried at the Washington Street Cemetery in Geneva, New York where he died in 1849, at the age of 60; he has since been removed to the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York

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