Harriet Taggart Mack

By Patrick Kavanaugh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

Section 10, Lot 481
Date of Death: 8/2/1954
(Member of
Pan Am Board of Women Managers)

Born in Buffalo, Mrs. Mack was the wife of Norman E. Mack who died12/26/1932. Norman E. Mack was the distinguished publisher of the Buffalo Times. The Times started as the BuffaloSunday Times in 1879 and four years later Mack made it the daily Buffalo Times. For many years Mack was also the National Chairman of the Democratic Party.

She was a Member of the Board of Women Managers for the Pan American Exposition held in Buffalo in 1901.

Mrs. Mack's daughter, Norma Mack Wadsworth, married George
Wadworth, who became the American Counsel General to Israel in 1935 and toItaly in 1941. Mrs. Wadsworth was the official hostess for the Ambassador toItaly. In this capacity she had an audience with the Queen of Spain andassociated with Royalty.

In 1941, her husband was held hostage in the American Embassy in Italy in exchange for German Embassy officers being held in the United States. Mrs. Wadsworth died in Lebanon; George Wadsworth is buried in Section N, N Part Lot 9.

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