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Georgie B. Gates Pardee

By Patrick Kavanagh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Cemetery

Section 1, Lot 111 & 114
Date of Death: 6/10/1930
(instrumental in the Naming of Gates Circle)

Mrs. Pardee was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George B. Gates. She was the wife of Charles W. Pardee.

Her sister was Mrs. Kate Louise Hamlin.

The Gates family owned the Ellicott Square Building in 1903.

As a dedication and lasting honor to her parents, Mrs. Pardee petitioned to have the area then known as Chapin Place (Chapin Place was named in honor of Col. Edward Chapin, who belonged to the 116th Infantry, and was killed at Port Hudson in 1863, during the Civil War), changed to Gates Circle.

In return for this name change, Mrs. Pardee offered to pay for the fountain and layout of the circle. E.B. Green designed the layout of Gates Circle. The GAR adamantly objected to this proposal; however, Mrs. Pardee won out and since 1903, this circle has been known as Gates Circle, as Mrs. Pardee wished.

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