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Red Jacket Monument
Sagoyewatha (He Keeps Them Awake)
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY


1890 by the Buffalo Historical Society


James G. C. Hamilton of Cleveland


Bureau Bros. of Philadelphia

Statue material:



Mrs. Huyler of New York ($10,000)


Buffalo Historical Society. Unveiling took place on June 22, 1892

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Pedestal of gray Rhode Island granite

Hexagonal, symbolizing Red Jacket's connection with the Six Nations

11 1/2 feet high bronze statue

Medal is a copy of a silver medal presented to Red Jacket by Gen. Washington



Tomahawk is an exact copy of the one on exhibition in the rooms of the Buffalo historical Society, which was presented to Red Jacket by Gen. Washington

See also City Hall frieze depicting Red Jacket presenting a ceremonial tomahawk to Native American Agent Erastus Granger, on whose land Forest Lawn Cemetery was established

Foundry: Bureau Bros., of Philadelphia

Red Jacket died at his own cabin in Seneca Village, on Buffalo Creek, January 20, 1830. Just before death came he said, "Let my funeral be according to the customs of our nation. Let me be dressed and equipped as my fathers were, that their spirits may rejoice at my coming. Be sure that my grave be not made by a white man, let him not pursue me there!"

He also requested if the Indian land be sold that he might be taken to the Quakers near Philadelphia. Both requests were disregarded Missionaries took charge of the body, and conveyed it to their church where a service was performed.

In 1852?, Red Jacket's bones, along with those of a number of other chiefs, were taken up, mostly from the old burying ground in South Buffalo on Buffam Street, and reentered at Forest Lawn. Later, the pedestal for a monument was put in place. Finally, Mrs. Huyler of New York gave $10,000 for a statue.

Captions taken from "Red Jacket in Bronze" in the Buffalo Express, December 27, 1891

Special thanks to Patrick Kavanagh for his research

Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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