A Comparison: Old County Hall and Old Post Office

Old County Hall
AKA Erie County Hall
92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York


Alison Kimberly, History of the Old County Hall

1905 photo - 1905 Buffalo of Today: Domestic and Industrial

Joseph Ellicott Local Historic District

Old County Hall Watercolor by Dr. V. Roger Lalli / Narrative by David Rote


2002, 2015 photos - Exterior/History

2014, 2015 photos -
Four Goddesses

2011 photos - Taken from the Liberty Building

2014 photos - George Washington Monument  In front of Old County Hall


2007 photos - Interior

On other website: 

HABS: Erie County Hall (online Oct. 2015)

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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