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Joseph Church House
54 Irving Place, Buffalo, NY

Original owner:
Joseph Church
granddaughter, Olive Williams,  was born and grew up here.
House built:
Contributing member, Allentown Historic District

November 6, 2020 Photos

Italianate  style features belvedere and portico

Victorian chimney   ...   Belvedere

Modillions    ...    Dentil molding

Modillions    ...    Dentil molding   ...   Wooden stringcourse   ...   Brick voussoirs    ...  Brick running bond pattern

Stone (Indiana limestone?) sills below rounded Italianate windows

Stone (Indiana limestone?) sills below rounded Italianate windows

Portico with Tuscan order  features

Tuscan entablature with dentil molding and unadorned frieze   ...   Tuscan column in front of  Tuscan pilaster

Rounded transom window

Typical Italianate double doors

Portico balustrade features single vase balusters

Text source: Sonia R. Efron, "Buffalo's Brick Italianates: An Allentown Legacy," 1994

  The Franklin School, designed by Green & Wicks in 1894, was located at 146 Park St.

- Clinton Brown

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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