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Linwood Local Preservation District
Buffalo, New York

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Preservation District Expansion
Linwood Preservation District & Friends (online Jan. 2021)

On December 23, 2015, the Common Council of the City of Buffalo unanimously agreed that all of Linwood Avenue should be encompassed by the designation, 'historic'. The extension of this designation serves to unite the street and afford economic opportunity to those now newly included in the district.

The following is from the proceedings of that meeting (the whole of it can be found on the City of Buffalo website under Common Council Proceedings, meeting 14-1223, pages 260 & 270):
That after the public hearing held before the Committee on Legislation, the Common Council hereby expands the Linwood Historic District, which includes the properties from North Street at the south to West Ferry at the north, to include all of Linwood Avenue to West Delavan at the north. Specifically, it will include the properties at 482 and 472 Linwood at the south (West Ferry) to 728 an d729 Linwood at the north (West Delavan) and all properties on Linwood Terrace 15-24 Linwood Terrace and the property at 880 Lafayette Avenue, pursuant to Chapter 337, Article III of the City of Buffalo Charter;.....

Other addresses in the district:
Street Address - Even Address - Odd
Barker Street 20-98 43-75
Bryant Street 24-100 23-89
Delaware Avenue 916-1144 671-1165
Hodge Street --- 11-21
Lexington Avenue 10-46 ---
Main Street
1524 and 1526-36 ---
North Street --- 35-79
Summer Street 22-78 25
West Ferry Street 850-894 851-929
West Utica Street 40-150 33-151

Buffalo Historic Districts, in general:

Special thanks to the City of Buffalo Preservation Board for their assistance.
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