Landmarks and Historic Districts in Buffalo - Table of Contents

State and National Landmarks in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo's Landmarks Listed on the State & National Registers of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of buildings, structures, districts, landscapes, objects and sites significant in the history, architecture, archeology and culture of the nation.

Official lists:

Office of Parks, Recreation, Historic Preservation - Text and photos   Click on "Basic Criteria"and scroll down to "Erie" County and then click on "Results."  

National Register of Historic Places  Scroll to New York State and Erie County. 

Erie County - National Register of Historic Places 

Unofficial lists:

Sites on Buffalo Architecture and History Website

Sites on Wikipedia   


FAQ - Buffalo

FAQ - National Register of Historic Places

Benefits of Historic Districts and Sites

Local and National Register Historic Designations: A Comparison and Overview

Brief Description of the Different Kinds of Historic Districts and Sites

Cynthia Van Ness, Built in Buffalo: How to Research Local Architecture

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties  (online May 2015)

Historic Resources Surveys in Western New York

How to Maintain Tax Credits Eligibility: Christopher Nicholas Brown, The Case of the Missing Vitrolite: A Cautionary Tale of Historic Preservation   DO NOT DESTROY OR REMOVE HISTORIC COMPONENTS OF THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR BUILDING!

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