25 Lexington Avenue
Buffalo, NY

1920 (Zillow and Realtor.com)
Elmwood Historic District (EAST)
Lexington Avenue history:
"Lexington Avenue, called Butler Street until 1888, is a gracious, shady, tree-lined residential street measuring 60-feet wide and featuring sandstone curbing and cast iron decorative luminaires on poles. Here, large maples and horse chestnut trees predominate. Most of the houses date to the decades around the turn of the twentieth century, although a few date to the 1870s. - Elmwood Historic District (EAST), Section 7, Page 14
Another Adam style building:
Parkside Candy Shoppe, 3208 Main St. at Winspear

Unusual style in Buffalo    ...   Style is a throwback to an earlier popular style (1780-1840) Adam style   ...   Attic addition and first floor rounded windows are inconsistant with Adam style

Mutules   ...   Triglyphs   ...   Guttae/drops

Corner engaged squrae Tuscan column

Spiderweb muntin oval window   ...   Ribbon, wreath, s scroll  surround

Acroteria and block modillions decorate triangular pediment   ...   
Triglyphs and guttae/drops decorate the capital of the fluted pilasters

Triglyphs and guttae/drops decorate the capital of the fluted pilasters   ...   Spiderweb muntin  fanlight

Spiderweb muntin  fanlight

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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