400 Linwood Avenue
Buffalo, New York

Architects: Silsbee and Marling

Building Plans Filed: Nov. 1, 1886

Linwood Avenue - Table of Contents

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Note the roof change from an early drawing



Joseph Lyman Silsbee and Marling



Plans filed on 11/1/1885 Silsbee and Marling

Edward Smith, a speculator, commissioned Silsbee & Marling to design this house; Smith also commissioned 390 Linwood and 63 Irving Pl.


Shingle Style

The Shingle Style is essentially a suburban and a resort style. The dwelling is ample in size and substantial in appearance, and spreads low against the ground on a heavy stone foundation. Generally, it has rounded contours and is sheltered by a broad and overhanging roof. The particular manner of using wood shingles – so that they appear to flow across surfaces, turn corners, and enclose deep loggias and entryways – is the style's chief hallmark. However, similar qualities are also achieved in clapboard or cut stone. As a resort style it serves equally well for pretentious and utilitarian structures.

The Shingle Style reduces the number and variety of motifs, enlarges their scale, and complicates massing. Colonial motifs survive as isolated elements such as shingles, broad gables or gambrels, and small window panes.

Fenestration is generally regular and windows are frequently grouped in horizontal bands. The curving "eyebrow" dormer is distinctive.


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