The Thomas McFarland House
409 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Architect: C. D. Swan

Style: Hybrid of Queen Anne and Shingle

Building Plans Filed: November 1, 1891

Linwood Avenue - Table of Contents

2007 Photographs

The original owner was Thomas McFarland, an M&T bank officer. After he died, his wife lived there with their daughter and son-in-law.

The next owner painted the house yellow, enclosed the
portico, and turned the house into apartments.

The latest, fourth, owners are restoring the house to its original configurations.

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Previous owner converted the house into apartments and enclosed the porch.

Portico enclosure has been removed

In May of 2003 the rebuilding of the portico is almost complete

Typical Queen Anne style corner tower

Note rare (for Buffalo) Potsdam sandstone chimney favored by C. D. Swan

Engaged wooden columns on tower

Three types of wooden shingles:

  • Horizontal
  • Diamond
  • Saw tooth

Texture is emphasized by shadows in both Queen Anne and Shingle styles

In 2003 columns have been removed so that porch foundation could be repaired, and defective Potsdam sandstone replaced

Large horizontal stones are carriage steps

Porte-cochere beyond the carriage steps

Longmeadow, Mass., sandstone portico column

Potsdam sandstone favored by architect C. D. Swan.

Contrast Potsdam sandstone to commonly found Medina sandstone in 405 Linwood porte-cochere

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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