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2008 Photos - Edward Butler House
429 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY


C. 1897


J. L. Silsbee probably worked on this house

First owner:

Edward Butler


Queen Anne


Linwood Local Preservation District

Photos taken in May 2008
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Queen Anne style

Curved Dutch neck gable at the center of the front (west) facade

Window in the front Dutch neck gable

Chimney cap ...... Dutch neck gable

Second floor driveway and front windows.

Note terra cotta ornamentation which has designs (strapwork)

One of a pair of dog gargoyles made of heavy tin

Foliated Medina sandstone ornamentation

The wrought iron on the porch is not original




English strapwork wrought iron design


Stained glass



Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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