Photo source: Buffalo Mayors - The City Hall Portrait Collection

Adam built a house at 124 Plymouth Avenue in 1904. it was constructed by John H. Knight and originally cost about $4.000 to build.

- Source: Pages 68-69 in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood by Christopher N. Brown

James N. Adam was born in Peebles, Scotland, in 1842. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister. He began a business career in Scotland where he remained until about 1872, when his brother, Robert, owner of a Buffalo department store, lured him into Western New York.

He then worked briefly in New Haven, Connecticut, until he returned to Buffalo to found J. N. Adam & Co., an economy dry-goods store at 377 Main Street on the east side of Main Street.

Adam entered politics when the Progressive Movement was rising. He was elected mayor for 1906-1910.

-Source: "Second Looks: A Pictorial History of Buffalo and Erie County," by Scott Eberle and Joseph A. Grande. Donning Co., 1993, p. 169.