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INTERIOR  - Courier Express Building /  Diocese of Buffalo Catholic Center
785-795 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

One of the most important
Art Deco style interiors in the city

Main Street entrance

Looking up in the middle of the lobby:  Art Deco chandelier, ceiling surround,  balcony balustrade  ... Three details below:

Detail #1 - Art Deco chandelier, ceiling surround

Detail #2 - Second floor balcony balustrade

Detail #3 - Second floor balcony balustrade detail


Details below:

Art Deco chandelier

Center: bead-and-reel, detailed in photo below:


Incised elevator panels depict historic printers' marks

Left panel: Aldus Pius Manutius (1449 – February 6, 1515) was an Italian humanist who became a printer and publisher when he founded the Aldine Press at Venice.  The fish is a dolphin.  SOURCE: Wikiwordbook (online October 2016)

Left panel: Nicolini from Sabbio, Giovanni Antonio & Nicolini from Sabbio, Peter (1523 - 1546).  Original printers of Sabbio Chiese near Brescia active in Venice. They printed texts in Greek. Printer's mark:  Cabbage with a snake coiled at the stem. On the sides are the names: Io. Anto et brothers. SOURCE: CERL Thesaurus (online October 2016)
Right panel: Aldus Pius Manutius. Same as above.

Printers' marks ...  Terrazzo floor

Printer's mark ...  Terrazzo floor

Printer's mark

1989 mural by Rev. Thomas Ribits  ...  Four details below:

Upper left background:  St. Louis Church, Guaranty Building, City Hall, Old County Hall.
Middle buildings: Courier Express Building, Concrete and wooden grain elevators, Our Lady of Victory Basilica
Bottom left foreground: St. Joseph's Cathedral.

  Fr. Nelson Baker, Bishop John Timon, Saint John Neumann 

Niagara River and Niagara Falls  ...  Modern building: Wintergarden

Packet boat in Lockport's locks    ...    Saxaphonist: Grover Washington, Jr.

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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