Niagara Street Industrial Heritage ..............................   Automobile Industry in Buffalo
Phelps Auto Top and Trimming
/ West Side Pet Clinic / Pawprints
1245 Niagara St.
, Buffalo, NY

Contributing member in the Upper Black Rock Local Historic District


Corbel tables   ...   Camel-back tiles on roof

1245 Niagara Street

1245 Niagara Street was constructed ca. 1910,  and the 1911 city directory notes Phelps Auto Top and Trimming as occupying the space. New Method Laundry is listed as a tenant in 1915 and in 1916 Reed Chocolate Company Candy Factory occupies the space. By 1922 Orgasco Inc., manufacturers of dodge gas burners occupied the space. In 1950 a fire protection equipment warehouse occupied the space.

The commercial/factory brick building is two stories tall and two bays wide. Engaged pilasters and a corbeled frieze define the bays on all elevations. The first floor storefront appears to have been altered as the brick masonry appears to be a slightly darker red tone in locations. In each bay at the second floor are two paired sash windows with precast surround, header and sill. The first two bays on the north and south elevations have windows similar to those on the Niagara Street elevation. The window openings in the bays to the east on the north and south elevations have been infilled. Small, non-historic window openings are located in some of the infilled bays.
- Black Rock - Belt Line - Niagara Street Industrial Heritage Historic District,  pp. 24-25

Color photos and their arrangement  2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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