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1 North Pearl Street
Buffalo, NY

Photos taken on January 8, 2012

Italianate with later Queen Anne bay
Lot size: 42.5 x 118
Allentown Historic District (National, State, Local)
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This fine Italianate house features ... details shared with the commercial building behind at 844 Main St., built at the same time.  Nos. 1, 5 and 9 North Pearl were built at the same time as rental properties for grocer Henry Hellriegel, who built at least seven brick houses on this block, including ##19, 29, 35 and 38.  Hellriegel lived at #38 while his larger house was being built at 874 Main Street.

The first occupants were real estate agent Mr. & Mrs. Oliver C. Read in 1885.  In 1898, Dr. Max Brener lived here, as was reported in Dau's elite social directory

This house is very similar to 35 North Pearl Street.

- Sources:
  • Allentown Association (Jan. 2012)
  • Sonia R. Efron, Buffalo's Brick Italianates: An Allentown Legacy, Self-published, 1994
The door which faces North Pearl is part of an addition built by Dr. Brener in 1898 which cut through the original wrap around porch to facilitate a dentist's office. The porch supports have been altered. The house was never fully converted to a legal two family, although there were some renovations performed to do so. We returned it to single family status when we purchased the house in 2009. - Roger Scott, May 2013

Office addition was placed on the front in 1898,

All the windows and doors feature hooded window crowns.

Sawtooth course ..... Voussoirs surrounded by hooded window crown

"The Queen Anne bay  was  part of the original structure as evidenced by the original floor joists clearly visible in the basement and running from the center of the house uninterrupted into the bay." - Roger Scott, May 2013

Typical  Italianate double doors

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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