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History - Patrick E. Stanton House
361 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Patrick E. Stanton
Buffalo Express Extra Number Sept. 1888

With good business talents and a wide information on all branches of the real-estate business, Mr. Patrick E. Stanton has built up an extensive trade, although he began business as a real-estate broker only five years ago.

Mr. Stanton was born in Ireland in 1847, and has lived in Buffalo since 1852. He was formerly engaged in the furniture business.

The West Side has been the field of Mr. Stanton's operations. In his estimation Black Rock lots are little gold mines. In spite of the facts that it is [a] Presidential year, and that real-estate speculation is quiet, this enterprising agent is selling land rapidly. He sold a tract of 85 acres as far as three-quarters of a mile north of the city line only a few weeks ago. It is his prophecy that the out-skirts on the West Side will be rapidly built up with factories and dwelling-houses, and consequently that there is the place to buy lots.

Mr. Stanton has a number of good tracts for sale at reasonable prices; especially one on Hertel Avenue, of 22 acres, which would make a splendid location for a manufactory. He offers some land on the Military Road,which would make a good investment for some one; also lots on Amherst Street, near McPherson and Logan streets.

Patrick E. Stanton
Our Police and Our City, 1893

One of the principal reasons why our beautiful city madesuch vast strides in the past decade is owing to the push andenergy of some of our principal real estate men; and prominent among them there are but few who in their chosen profession command the respect and confidence that is given to Patrick E. Stanton.

Mr. Stanton was born in the County Mayo, Ireland, February 14, 1847. When he was but five years old his parents emigrated to the new world. Arriving in the city of New York on March 17, 1852, they at once came to Buffalo, where two years afterward Mr. Stanton, Sr. died. Left with seven other small children to the fostering care of his mother, it became a struggle for existence for young Stanton, even in this prosperous land.

He received but a limited education, and at the age of fourteen went out into the world to make his fortune. It was some time coming, and after buffeting against the tide and meeting with many discouragements, he at last by his pluck and energy pushed himself into the front rank asone of our most prominent business men.

Mr. Stanton entered the real estate business in 1881, buying and selling land on his own account; he also carries on a general real estate business.

In politics Mr. Stanton is one of the old-time democrats, but has no political aspirations. He is one of the organizers of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association in Buffalo, and has been active in advancing its interests. He isalso a member of the Merchants' and Real Estate exchanges, being one of the principal stockholders in the last named organization.

Mr. Stanton was married twenty-three years ago to one of Buffalo's most esteemed ladies, a Miss Doran. At present they reside on Porter avenue where, surrounded by a large family, their home relations are of the most pleasant character.

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