Soldiers Place - Address Renumbering
Buffalo NY
[I researched] 152 Soldiers Place for the 2011 Candlelight Tour during the National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference.  During my work, I became convinced that this house was numbered as 83 Soldiers Place when it was built in 1906, and that the street had subsequently been renumbered.

I consulted The Buffalo Address Book and Family Directory.  The 1909-1910 edition shows the house as 83 Soldiers Place, as part of a numbering system that treats the circle as a linear street with odd-and even-numbered sides.  The 1910-1911 edition, however, shows the house as 152 Soldiers Place, as part of a circular numbering system that proceeds clockwise from Chapin to Chapin.

I spoke with Mr. Michael Hoffert in the office of Surveys and Plans (Department of Public Works, Parks, and Streets) in City Hall.  He has subsequently done research, and the attached message and maps are his response to me.

This information could be important to future research into any pre-1910 house on Soldiers, as it is otherwise tricky to find older data listed under a different address.

- William Coleman [Sept. 23, 2011]



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